• Keziah Lockwood

The Glamourous life...

Being an actress is VERY glamorous. I hear this all the time from non actors even some friends: 'Wow it's such a glam life!' Errr...NO. It really isn't. I mean the whole red carpet, canapés and champagne is good, when you get it. But those are very few and far between,99.9% of the work is hard, full of sweat and tears. Sometimes in a pantomime or a musical, stood backstage in a leotard that in effect looks like a baby-grow for adults painted with makeup thinking 'What the hell is my life'. All said with fun and laughter of course as you can't help but laugh and how ridiculous your life seems at that moment. You're sweating makeup running trying desperately to refix your face while trying to get into your next costume, sometimes underdressing. You spend a lot of time in a van when on your, with the same people day in, day out, usually with a big bag of food that at some point goes off stinking out the van haha.

Then we have auditions. As long as you prepare and give it 100% and then some- and if you don't get it you know you have done all you can. The hectic part can be actually getting there. So for example, today I had an audition which is all good but being a non driver I had the lovely task of getting there by train. Oh but no, there are no trains today! This weekend ONLY there are NO TRAINS from my home town. Typical, the weekend I want to use them they aren't running, still I laugh it off.

I hade my hair straightened and styled nicely this morning, glam huh? Not when a lovely carriage door decided to close on my hair, effectively pulling a chunk out of my head and frizzing up the rest. so in affect I looked like the Bag Lady of Bag-end. So sometimes, you go out with the best intentions to look a certain way and you end up looking nothing like what you or the employer expected.

So the next time someone tells you they are an actor think about how un glam it is. It's good work and we LOVE doing it, we would get a random office job if we didn't, but it's still hard and difficult.

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