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I hope I don't FALL!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Anyone else love autumn? I don't know what it is, maybe it's the promise of Halloween with Pumpkins and winter stews or maybe it's the changing of the leaves and the big comfy jumpers you wear that makes you feel all cosy, but I live for autumn vibes and the comfy evenings by the fire.

I love spending a couple of hours by a window, reading a good book with the rain pouring down all while I drink a good cup of tea - or a brew as we brits call it! A proper brew, ugh I love it!

One of my fave things to do in this time, when I am not working is to curl up just like this and enjoying a good story, and here is my personal list of must sees and must reads that get me in the cosy autumn mood!


1. The Familiar

I absolutely love this book, set with the Pendle witch trials as the backdrop, where the mere idea of witchery was considered a sin and witches were killed and it is based on real life characters. What I love most about it is that it is about the people and the fear that surrounded them during this time. Neighbour accusing neighbour and there is of course a little bit of horror thrown in! I love it too, as I am from the north, and anything based in the north in a fictional book always peaks my interest!

2. Jane Eyre

One of my fave Bronte books! It resonates feminism and the struggle for equality in the sections between Jane and Rochester, I love how she talks back to him and honestly puts ' him in his place when needed - in a 'polite' way of course. And there is a wee bit of spooky goings on with mention of ghosts at every turn, you can't help but feel something is sinister lurking in the background. I won't spoil it if you have never read or watched it, but all I will say is this book will set the imagination alight!

3. Any Harry Potter Book

I know, witches and wizards - It's pretty typical. And while I am utterly dismayed at the fact JK has let us all down in real life, doesn't mean I can't be nostalgic and enjoy a Hogwarts adventure! My favourite if I had to pick one, would be Prisoner of Azkaban, I loved how the past got dredged up, that scene where Remus, Severus and Sirius are arguing and of course the 'revelio' that happens in due course! And yes, I too thought Remus and Sirius were in love, nothing will convince me otherwise!

4. And then there were none - Agatha Christie

To be fair any Agatha Christie is great any time of year but this one is particularly filled with spooky and scary Autumn feels! It's about a group of people invited to a house, and the hosts are nowhere to be seen. they have dinner, go to bed and the next morning- yep you guessed it - MURDER!! It's set on an isolated island near England and the bodies just keep dropping!

5. Anna Karenina

Honestly, I love Tolstoy. I used to be a die hard Dickens fan then I discovered this gem at like, 14! I watched the film with Vivian Leigh and was hooked, I needed to know more! Anna a woman from high society who abandons her husband Karenin and turns to Count Vronsky. It's a story for you not to judge but to observe, and how she is torn and trapped [my opinion, others may differ lol] by her husband and then by her lover absolutely rips me to shreds every time! I don't want to say too much in case I ruin it, but it is one of those books to read before you die, Tolstoy writes so beautifully and the characters feel so much more real than any other book I have read. 10/10 would read again!


Okay. I don't have a TV. There, I said it. I honestly don't get time! But what I do have are various choice of streaming services that take all of my money and make my bank account and purse cry. But it's worth it for the binge watches!

1. Gilmore Girls

When I think cosy and Autumn vibes TV the first that comes to mind is Gilmore Girls! It's an easy plot to follow and I love the characters. Miss Patty is a goddess and I won't hear anything different! It screams Hygge and Dark Academia vibes too, and I will be honest, I am kinda jealous of Rory and her YALE education! Also I love how people to this still argue who was the best Boyf for Rory. Let's be honest, the were all a bit meh. Atleast Jessie knew he was bad for her and left town to distance himself. So yeah, I guess I am team Jessie just for that reason.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Absolutely gutted this was cancelled. After 4 seasons, this spooky series still enchants me to watch. It tells the tale of Sabrina Spellman- half witch and half mortal who is trying to balance her life in both worlds. It full of CREEPY creatures, actually scared me on some bits, but unlike it's teen comedy of the 90's with Melissa Joan Hart, this is dark as hell. Pun intended! Worth a watch. Plus Hilda and Zelda are still the baddest witches around, and cousin Ambrose became my new favourite.

3. Anne with an E

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - Anne Shirley Cuthbert/L. M. Montgomery. The book itself first drew me in years ago [there is a series I haven't got through it all yet] but the TV show on Netflix is lovely. It's a whole new reimagining of the book, with some extra characters too not in the book but it doesn't detract from the story one bit. I have seen a lot of people trash the series because it explores themes not in line with the book completely, but if you read between the lines, Montgomery couldn't have been more obvious at what they were referring to. People seem to prefer the film which is good in a traditional 1930's Hollywood romance film, but this series is about girls becoming women in a new age where Feminism and the women's vote would first even be considered. LOVE IT!

4. Scooby-Doo

I'm not talking about the film, but the original series- you know the whole plant pot, clock running scenes and the typical 'I woulda got away with it too!' lines. It honestly reminds me of Saturday mornings watching the cartoon over a bow of rusks with milk. Oh yeah, the breakfast of royalty! It's a total nostalgia fest and it boosts the serotonin like no other.

4. The Chair

Okay, hear me out! It's new on the old Netflix starring Killing Eve and Greys Anatomy star Sandra Oh. It's Sandra frickin Oh! I love this actor, she really is amazing in everything she does. It's the story of the first woman of colour to become chair of a prestigious university. She needs to meet high expectations and raise the bar before she has even sat down in her new office. 'Fucker in charge' so to speak! I love the rest of the cast too in this, Nana Mensah and Holland Taylor [the latter makes me howl with her blunt and candid remarks! And the amazing Bob Balaban as the stuff professor stuck in his ways. I can already tell the journey is gonna be epic and I am only on episode 1! Fantastic Dark Academia Vibes and emotional moments.


I am a massive film buff, and love nothing better than a cosy film on a chilly night! Like I said I don't have a TV, But I do have streaming and back in the day I loved renting out a good movie on a Friday night. Ah the memories!

1.When Harry Met Sally

Manhattan in the fall, cosy book shops, general romance and lots of wholesome feels. And I will NEVER get over Billy Crystal's rant at the NYE party Just watch it please! It's many love stories wrapped around one, and reminds us that we can't legislate who, when are how you fall in love you just do and it can never be explained.

2. Dead Poets Society

Carpe Diem! Captain, My Captain! If you love literature, Robin Williams and tragic youth this is for you. Please do look up trigger warnings though also just in case.

3. Hocus Pocus

No one parties like the Sanderson Sisters, and this Halloween film will surely put a spell on you! My mother hates it, I love it, but we can't deny that it isn't Halloween until a virgin lights the Black flame candle and brings the witches back each year!

4. Good Will Hunting

Affleck and Damon appear in this classic tale of unrealised genius and loss in goodwill hunting. It's one of those films I go back to each year because of Robin Williams' performance. It was the first 'Serious' film he ever did and it really made me think about who I am and who I wanted to be. It also is filled with Autumnal feels and again, Dark Academia!

5. Stepmom

A film both my mother and I agree on! This film goes through all the seasons but Autumn stands out. It's the story of a divorce gone sour, and the new 'Stepmom' played by Julia Roberts as she navigates step-parenthood, where she is hated by the kids and their mother. Of course there comes a time when both mother played by Susan Sarandon and stepmom need to team up for the sake of the family and some very emotional and serious family misfortune. Honestly, get the tissues ready for a bit of a cry fest!

And that’s everything! I’m sure some of your favourites have been missed, so if there are any more autumnal films and tv shows you think should be on here leave it in the comments for everyone to see! Happy Autumn!

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