• Keziah Lockwood

A look on to 2022

So it's a new year filled with endless possibilites! The last two years especially have taught has all that anything can happen and that you need to grab every opportunity with both hands.

In 2020 I had some amazing auditions for TV work and was really proud to get down to the final stages. One of the productions was BBC3's Dinosaur! While I may not have been chosen for the final project, I was honoured to meet the casting and production teams involved, and loved the experience of seekng something I auditioned for be seen on TV! And I have to say Ashley Storrie was amazing!

In 2021, I got to work with the fantastic team at Time and Again Theatre with Midsummer Night's Dream! I played a more minor role, Snug and enjoyed every moment! Snug is one of the mechanicals, who plays the lion in 'a play within a play' and although not much is known about the character, I enjoyed creating a rich backstory of who she is and her life within the play.

I also got to take part in some wonderful theatrical touring work in schools and nurseries with some educational shows I had written myself! From J.M. Barrie inspired work, to shows about the environment!

I feel incredibly lucky to have done so much considering 2021 had so many set backs with restrictions, and I hope 2022 is even better!

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